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This self-study video program was designed for caregivers (parents and educators) by self-advocates and Mason scholars.  We do assume that participants have some background knowledge of Mason, but it can also be done alongside your study of the volumes.  The course provides the historical context, current scientific knowledge, and personal experience that is essential for applying Mason’s philosophy in either a neuroatypical or neurodiverse setting.

During the course, caregivers should watch each video segment (10-20 minutes each) in order and then take some time to reflect, narrate, and make connections before continuing.  If your child has challenges that are not specifically included here, please take the time to research those needs.  We have included ADHD and Processing Differences as examples because information about them is frequently requested and that is where our knowledge lies.

Start with “stewardship,” then watch “behavior and relations”

1. Stewardship

2. Behavior and Relations


3. Considering ADHD

4. Considering Processing Differences

5. Considering Dyslexia


Ideas to Consider for Parents and Educators

Introduction to the Blue Orchard Bee

Stories from the Community

What is "the method"?

Strategy and Psychology

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