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apply Mason’s philosophy in a neuroatypical setting

Blue Orchard Bee

Mason said that in order to guide a child’s whole person, we must fully understand what it means to offend not, despise not, hinder not. Other aspects in the field of education might evolve over time, but this vocation is absolute.

The Blue Orchard Bee is the location of CMI’s online support for those living out this vocation with neuroatypical children. Consistent with the model of the PNEU, CMI will build community, support the observation of the children, navigate current research, and reflect on our vocation. We are excited to share this journey with you, as we learn how to relate to our blue orchard bees.

A Reading Course Through Mason’s Volumes

Community Study groups

Join others to study and grow as you apply the beauty of Mason’s philosophy and practice. We have portioned the readings to allow a manageable load of about 20 pages over the month. Study group seasons run from July – December and January – June, though individual month registrations are also available.

Become Charlotte Mason Trained™

Courses & Certifications

Explore a variety of current and upcoming options to engage more deeply with Charlotte Mason’s design for education and become a certified Charlotte Mason educator.

  • Register for CORE, an 8-week intensive class for home and classroom educators.
  • Start a Charlotte Mason Certified Basic or Advanced certificate.
  • Learn about CMI’s upcoming Blue Open Door 14-month program for teachers and school leaders.
  • Interact with other Mason educators and experts to gain encouragement and insight.

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CMI Educational Reviews

Ten years ago, 2007, Dr. Carroll Smith started publishing the Charlotte Mason Educational Review.  It was a journal to help those interested in learning more about the educational theories and practices of Charlotte Mason. Located here are the old issues of the Review for anyone to enjoy.