July-November 2023

Volume 6


Philosophy of Education

An in-depth study of Mason’s short synopsis principles. We focus on the ideas and practices to understand the why and how of this liberal education.

Volume 6

Introduction to this volume

Volume 6 takes us through an in-depth study of Mason’s educational principles systematically showing the applied philosophy in a progressive outline.  We split our readings and discussion sessions between ideas and practice to help us see both the why and how of this liberal education. This is a great study for those coming in with older students as well as those who would like a better overall view of a Mason education. Join an experienced CMI Facilitator and other Mason educators for discussion and support. Part 1 of this study begins in July. Jump in and learn with us!

what we’ll talk about

List of topics

  • July: Mason's 20 Principles
  • August: Learning & Self-Education
  • September: A Curriculum | Religious Education
  • October: Personhood | History
  • November: Mind & Motivation | Literature & Citizenship

Study Group:

Philosophy of Education




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  • Exclusive acces to extra resources
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How does it work?

Register for the 6-session webinar package and join this educational community to study and grow as you apply the beauty of Mason’s philosophy and practice. We keep a lighter reading schedule (only about 20 pages a month) so you can process and apply while you learn.

Meeting Time: Monthly/ 3rd Wednesdays @ 8:00-9:30pm EST

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