April 27, 2022

Mountains, Planets, and Picture Books

Activities and opportunities to see and enjoy more around you – for yourself and/or your students.

Mountains, Planets, and Picture Books


Fuiji, Mountains in Clear Weather — also known as “Fine Wind, Clear Morning” — by Katushika Hokusai. Hokusai loved to paint Mount Fuji, and this is one of his most famous paintings of it. The painting is only 25.72 cm by 38 cm and is a wood-block print in a the Japanese style called ukiyo-e. Tell all you notice in this painting. What colors, shapes, textures, lines, and angles stand out to you? Find out where Mount Fuji is on a map, and look up more details about it if interested. Also, think about the way the colors of things around you change because of the light throughout the day.`


Read Stephanie Russell’s article on Geology, grab a book about your local geology, and head out on a geology walk. Who knows what new ideas will come to mind and what new things you’ll notice!`


Continuing with the geological theme, enjoy Gustav Holst’s “The Planets.” With its vigorous and varying melodies which depict different planets, Holst’s suite is a fun and accessible piece for all ages.`


What inspired you?`

Featured Resources

Good picture books can bring living ideas to readers, whether they are 2, 22, or 102 and are an easy and fun way to both enrich your own home or classroom and invite others into a living education. One Mason educator has quipped that she only lets picture books into her house that she wants to read as much as her children. And there are lots of wonderful ones about many different topics. So if you are looking for book ideas for your students, in need of a baby shower gift or a gift for the grandkids, or hoping to start a class library, picture books might be part of the solution. In today’s post, we’re offering a small collection of some favorite picture books on topics related to Nature and Art. Enjoy!

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