May 18, 2022

Bookish Beauty

Bookish Beauty

In celebration of our upcoming conference (in person and broadcast online) centered around Literature and the Humanities in a Charlotte Mason education, this month’s collage of resources and inspiration revolves around books – art featuring books, music inspired by books, books about books, book art, and more. Enjoy these activities and opportunities to see and enjoy more around you – for yourself and/or your students.


Pick one of these bookish paintings to enjoy–or pick a few and discuss the different ways books have featured in various pieces of art in different places and times.


I Like a Book” by M. Lucille Ford and “Upon First Looking into Chapman’s Homer” by John Keats. Be sure to read the poems aloud a few times. What images do the words create in your mind? What experiences or ideas do they make you think of? Note: “Chapman” whom Keats refers to in his poem translated Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey.


Reading a book and observing nature are two sides of the same coin. Language plays a key role in helping us make sense of the world and vice versa. Take a nature walk and pick something to focus on more deeply. Write about it in your nature journal–describe it with as much detail as possible. What do the colors, the textures, the setting, etc. remind you of? What things do you wonder about it?


The Alcotts” from the Concord Sonata by Charles Ives


Experiment with book folding as a handicraft this summer. What better way to repurpose twaddle?


What inspired you?

A Few Favorite Books about Books

Selections for all ages

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