January 19, 2024

Activities for Winter

Activities and opportunities to see and enjoy more around you – for yourself and/or your students.

Activities for Winter

Listen: The Sounds of Glass

Winter ice is reminiscent of glass, so what better time to think about how water and glass together can make sound in the instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin?

Listen to this Rondo by Mozart* played on a Glass Armonica and explore the instrument with the video on the "Lost Art of Playing Glass." 

*Featured in Alveary lessons a few years ago.

A Peasant Girl With a Calf by Alexey Venetsianov


Look at the picture above titled "A Peasant Girl with a Calf" by Alexey Venetsianov. A Russian painter of Greek decent, Venetsianov is known for his depictions of ordinary life and nature. Look at this painting of his and notice as much as you can (aloud or silently). Look at the colors, the textures, the expressions, light, shading, and proportions. How would you describe the painting to a friend who had never seen it? Does this painting remind you of anything you've seen or read? What questions would you ask the girl or Venetsianov if you had a chance? If you want to spend a few more minutes with the painting, sketch the outlines in a notebook.

Read more about Venetsianov's life here.

Winter Watercolor

Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, these videos offer delightful explorations into the world of watercolors. Grab your brushes, unleash your imagination, and let the colors flow! 

Cardinal: Embrace the beauty of nature with this watercolor cardinal project, where every stroke brings this iconic bird to life on your canvas.

Snowy Pine Tree: Learn how you can paint a beautiful snowy winter pine tree scene using watercolors. In this quick tutorial, you will learn step-by-step how to paint a pine tree that looks like it is covered in snow.  

What We're Reading

A few current favorites from team members.

Sarah (Marketing Coordinator)

The Umbrella Mouse by Anna Fargher - "All three of my kids loved the riveting historical fiction of 'The Umbrella Mouse' by Anna Fargher, following the courageous journey of Pip, a small yet determined mouse navigating the tumultuous backdrop of World War II."

Deani (Board Member)

The Whalebone Theatre by Joanna Quinn - "One of a run of (recently published) novels I've been rather enjoying reading lately, Joanna Quinn's The Whalebone Theatre (2022) is a multi-generational saga, centering on half-siblings raised on a family manor estate in England, all vaguely neglected by the adults in their lives. Set mostly in WWII, it brings to life the courageous contributions of young British citizens bravely engaged both domestically and overseas.

Sara (Board Member)

Habits of the Household by Justin Earley - "This book provides helpful insights on navigating life with a family!"

Kathryn (Program & Services Coordinator)

One of my favorite poems that I read every January is Lucy Shaw's, "Psalm for a January Thaw." I love the way the poem starts with the simple sounds of gurgling water and then expands to encompass the whole world, cultivating awe and wonder at God's creation from beginning to end.

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