July-December 2022

Volume 3


School Education (BOB Study)

An in-depth study of Mason’s short synopsis principles. We focus on the ideas and practices to understand the why and how of this liberal education.

Volume 3

Introduction to this volume

Volume 3, School Education, focuses on the education of school-age children. While this generally refers to those twelve and under, School Education is a treasure of important ideas for the development, application, and assessment of our curricula. As such, it is indispensable for every Mason educator. Parents and teachers reflect continually on the student’s relationships, the roles of current research and culture, and the practices that bring it all together. As a Blue Orchard Bee study group, we will consider Mason’s advice in light of the needs and perspectives of neuroatypical students. Join our neurodiverse group of Mason educators for discussion and support as we start Part 3 of this study  in July. Jump in and learn with us!

what we’ll talk about

List of topics

  • July: Intellectual Ideas and Habits
  • August: Moral Ideas and Habits
  • September: Habits of Religious Life
  • October: A Master Thought
  • November: Considering Books
  • December: Use of Books

Study Group:

School Education (BOB Study)




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  • Exclusive acces to extra resources
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Register for the 6-session webinar package and join this educational community to study and grow as you apply the beauty of Mason’s philosophy and practice. We keep a lighter reading schedule (only about 20 pages a month) so you can process and apply while you learn.

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